** Round 7inch Mortar, Pestle Set with Parota Wood Serving Board
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Round 7'' Mortar and Pestle Set with Parota Wood Serving Board

Round 7'' Mortar and Pestle Set with Parota Wood Serving Board

Treat your guests with delicious homemade salsas and guacamole! This beautifully crafted 7'' round mortar and pestle set is just right for you.
  • UNIQUE - Beautifully handcrafted from top-quality volcanic rock by one of Mexico's most skilled artisans. Due to the nature of stone carving, there may be small variations in each piece, adding to their handmade, slightly imperfect charm. Created from solidified lava, Jalisco's volcanic rock is recognized worldwide for its properties.
  • HEAVY AND DURABLE - 7'' round mortar with included pestle. Because of the natural characteristics of the volcanic rock, it is ideal for grinding, in addition to it's resistance to heat. Perfect for use in the oven to cook or gratin your best dishes.
  • SERVING/CUTTING BOARD INCLUDED - 100% Parota wood base, custom-made to further enhance your gourmet dishes and protect surfaces. Doubles as a gorgeous serving board to display cheese, bread, cured meats, fruits and much more. Seasoned with beeswax for protection and shine, the bottom can be used as a durable cutting board.
  • VERSATILITY - Use it as a centerpiece to present your hot or cold dishes such as guacamole, cheese gratin, cuts of meat in stew, salsas and more. It is also a useful kitchen tool to grind and crush spices, herbs, salt, coffee beans, and prepare countless authentic dishes, bringing out the full flavor and aroma of all the cooking ingredients.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - MexHandcraft covers your purchase with our 100% money-back guarantee for any defects in quality or worksmanship. If our product fails to meet your expectations, just email us for a hassle-free replacement or refund. Included with your product you will receive instructions on how to cure your mortar and care for your Parota wood board. Mortar measurements: 7'' Diameter x 3 1/8'' H, Total Weight 5.5 lbs (including pestle and serving board).
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The History of Recycled Hand Blown Mexican Glass

Mexico is the land of the master craftsman, the very first glass made in North America was produced in Puebla Mexico around 1535 to 1542 by artisans brought by the Spanish from Europe.
For hundreds of years, with nothing more than a blob of molten glass, a long hollow pipe, and some old tools, these artisans have produced glass items in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Although these original glass works were short lived, glass blowing was reintroduced into Mexico hundreds of years ago and flourished, due largely to the simplicity of the ingredients and the ingenuity of the Mexican Arts and Crafts Tradition.