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Surprise your guests with this handcrafted set of 3 small mortars with included wood board.
  • UNIQUE - Beautifully handcrafted from top-quality volcanic rock by one of Mexico's most skilled artisans. Due to the nature of stone carving, there may be small variations in each piece, adding to their handmade, slightly imperfect charm. Created from solidified lava, Jalisco's volcanic rock is recognized worldwide for its properties.
  • BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE - Set of 3 small 4" square mortars. Because of the natural characteristics of the volcanic rock, they are sturdy and very appealing. A real standout in any table.
  • SERVING/CUTTING BOARD INCLUDED - 100% Parota wood base, custom-made to further enhance your food and protect surfaces. Doubles as a gorgeous serving board to display cheese, bread, cured meats, fruits and much more. Seasoned with beeswax for protection and shine, the bottom can be used as a durable cutting board.
  • VERSATILITY - Use it to display side dishes, salsas, snacks, spices, small fruits, or anything you can think of, in stunning fashion.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - MexHandcraft covers your purchase with our 100% money-back guarantee for any defects in quality or worksmanship. If our product fails to meet your expectations, just email us for a hassle-free replacement or refund. Included with your product you will receive instructions on how to cure your mortar and care for your Parota wood board. Mortar measurements (each): 4'' L x 4'' W x 2 3/8'' H, Total Weight 7.2 lbs (including board).
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Why is Mexican Blown Glassware also called Bubble Glass ?

Mexico is very well known for hand blown drinking glasses, the most popular of them characterized by a blue band blown into the rim. All glasses are 100% Lead Free.
If you hold a glass up to the sunlight and look through it, you will see hundreds of trapped bubbles through out the glass, this is normal and part of the hand blown process.
This is why originally it was called "bubble glass". Now days glass blowers that can blow large bubbles inside the glassware are considered to be "Master Blowers".